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Wings of Healing Ministries

Miracle Ministries


The J.J. Freeman Ministry has been in the gift

of healing ministry for a long time. God works

fluently, and the spirit flows fluently. People are healed miraculously, and we give Jesus all the credit. We find that people that are sick, traumatized and full of pain come to Jesus,

because of their situation and their issues in their bodies, soul and mind. It is those people we are reaching, because they seem to be readier to except what Jesus has. This is why we reach out to sick people as they come to Jesus. Jesus healed the sick and forgave their sins. It is the same Jesus today, and this is why we have this compassion. We see people every where, Jesus forgiving them, God healing them and making them free. This is our

compassion and our love to reach everyone we can in this particular situation.

If you want J.J. Freeman Wings of Healing Ministry broadcast on television, send in your faith gift now to be apart of this gift God has given us for a short time, and receive a FREE CD with a powerful message.

Thank you,

J.J. Freeman