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Wings of Healing Ministries

Miracle Ministries

My name is Tammie I live in Texas and on Thursday afternoon, 11-14-13 I had a 1:30pm surgery, scheduled for surgery for removal of 2 tumors on my lower spine in my lower back that caused me to be paralized in both of my legs, I couldn't walk. The doctor began to prepare me for surgery while looking at the surgery screen, I heard one of them say, Those are large tumors. I began to pray, and in the middle of my praying, I recognized JJ Freeman's spirit there. He was standing next to me while i was on the surgery table. I heard JJ Freeman tell me, Say Jesus, I did and while watching the surgery screen the first tumor disappeared. Then JJ Freeman told me to say Jesus again louder, I did what he said, and the second tumor disappeared. Then JJ Freeman told me a third time, Say Jesus you believe and you are healed. I did and my legs became unparalized. The surgon began to whisper to the Assistant to get a longer Probe, he could not see the tumors. And then the surgon said, Jesus Christ they're gone! I said, Jesus Did it! The surgeon couldn't believe what happen, so he had me to lift my legs and cough at the same time three times. I was feeling the spirit of God with me and I was happy. I wanted to go home. The doctor asked, can you walk? I said yes. He told me to walk with him to the door, he wanted to make sure i could walk. When I did, he smiled and said to me, this is one for the books and to tell my grand kids. Jesus healed me through the gift that He gave JJ Freeman!

Pastor JJ Freeman received a phone call from Tammie telling him of the miraculous mircle she received from Jesus. She told him all she heard and saw. The Lord took Pastor Freeman's spirit to Tammie who was desiring to be healed by Jesus rather than to be operated on. He took Pastor Freeman's spirit and put it there next to the surgery table to give Tammie instructions of what to do. Only Tammie knew Pastor JJ Freeman was there with her, the doctors didn't. but they witnessed the dissapearance of two large tumers.

Pastor JJ Freeman has been used in this way before to bring healing to people, where he is in two separate places at the same time. The early church had this same movement.