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Wings of Healing Ministries

Miracle Ministries

       Paul from Georgia called and testified that, one year ago, he was attending Brother Terry's church and called the man of God J.J. Freeman. He told J.J. Freeman that he had been on dialysis for five years because he kidneys were bad. The man of God ministered to him and told him that Jesus healed his kidneys. When Paul went back a week later to the dialysis, he told them he wouldn't be back that he didn't need it anymore, because Jesus healed him. That was a year ago and today six years from the day the doctors told him his kidneys were bad. He is alive and praising Jesus for healing him. He is telling everyone of what the Lord did for him through the man of God J.J. Freeman.

Your name Dora

On October the 26,2015 brother freeman prayed for me. I had fibromyalgia.I have had it for quit a while. The doctor was giving me pain medication because the thought it was just back problem. It got so bad that I was losing the strength of my legs and arms.the pain never would stop.after he prayed for ,I can run ,jump ,I can lift my arms and I can walk all I want and more.Jesus is my lord and Savior his blood is till as powerful as it was at the cross.I know that the name of Jesus is all I have to say and the enemie will flee. Thank you brother freeman for praying for me.may the lord keep using you as he has praise the lord.